The sleep

mars 17, 2014 § 2 kommentarer

Ruth Roland © BONO

Ruth Roland © BONO


When I was a kid, I used sometimes to curl myself in our dogs place. Lying there together was warm, kind of safe and soothing. The soft fur, the  smell of animal could change a crying child to a sleepy girl.



januar 21, 2014 § Legg igjen en kommentar

Ruth Roland © BONOA floating world. Two old trees. Grass. The small world is floating in the air. A visit from an angel. The copperplate is almost too huge for my printing press, 70 x 80 cm. I love to work with the drypoint, you work directly into the plate with a needle. This is mostly done with a diamond.  This plate is meant for changing. The title «The world is changing» helps me to rembember the change. Next step is to remove something. And add something else. It is like working on a story.

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