The child in the drawing

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All people, not only kids and artists, should allow themselves to drown into colours, paint and pencils. Things you would never dream of, maybe just that, things happenings in dreams can also climb into your pencil. Let it happen! Dream with your eyes vide open, and be sure to have something in your hands transfer whatever it is into paper. Do not feel guilt or shame. It is only human.


Crazy work

desember 1, 2014 § Legg igjen en kommentar

Ruth Roland © BONO




Some times you end up doing rather crazy things while working. Like printing small dots one by one. I started this printing process in the summer. Then I had to put it away. Some days ago I wanted to continue, because these dots never stop fascinating me.  The dots play with my eyes. And I like it. My eyes are blending the color, yellow and blue turns to green. Old wisdom, new ways to play while working. Monotypes, of course.


januar 18, 2014 § 2 kommentarer

A world without the sounds of birds is an impossible imagination. At this time of the year they are slowly increasing their songs. We think it is kind of romantic to listen to them. But their songs contains meanings like «Fuck off!» or «This is my territory, I will kill you if you come near my tree!» Anyway, this is a kind of music I enjoy. Ruth Roland © BONO


Ruth Roland © BONO


Ruth Roland © BONO


Ruth Roland © BONO


Ruth Roland © BONO

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