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These drypoints are small, about 6 x 8 cm. They are the beginning of a new suite of print, with Eros as the key role.

Ruth Roland © BONO

Ruth Roland © BONO

Ruth Roland © BONO

A tree in the forest

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Ruth Roland © BONO

I often start my drawing with an idea in my mind. Something I really want to do. Like to make a drawing of an old tree. Often my hands end up changing the idea. The Nobel Prize winner Jose Saramago have a wonderful story in one of his books where he tell a tale of an artist and how his hands has a brain of its own. I feel related to this story. My hands has their own stories. When I start working, it is like going on a journey. The ocean has streams the boat follows. Maybe you caught a fish more marvellous than you could imagine. Like in the «Finn Family Moomintroll» of Tove Jansson where they caugt a huge fish. Larger than the boat.

I like being a tree watcher. They are all different.


Another angel

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Ruth Roland © BONO Foto: Jens Hamran


It must be something about childhood. There are angels everywhere. I think something more is going to happen in this print.  I have to think about it.


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Foto: Jens Hamran

A sheet of paper. Pen. Colors. Time.

Art and environment

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A café with one of my monotypes on the wall. I love the Bialetti. It is like a tiny cathedral.

Richard Serra «Liste med verb» 1967-68

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To roll                     å valse

to crease                 å brette

to fold                      å folde

to store                    å fylle

to bend                    å spenne

to shorten              å minske

to twist                    å vri

to dapple                 å sprute

to crumple              å krølle

to shave                   å høvle

to tear                      å spjære

to chip                     å hogge

to split                     å kløyve

to cut                       å kutte

to sever                    å splitte

to drop                     å falle

to remove                å fjerne

to simplify              å forenkle

to differ                   å avvike

to disarrange         å forvirre

to open                    å åpne

to mix                      å blande

to slash                   å slenge

to knot                     å knyte

to spill                     å søle

to droop                  å synke

to flow                     å flyte

to curve                   å bende

to life                       til livet


The sleep

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Ruth Roland © BONO

Ruth Roland © BONO


When I was a kid, I used sometimes to curl myself in our dogs place. Lying there together was warm, kind of safe and soothing. The soft fur, the  smell of animal could change a crying child to a sleepy girl.


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